Off to Amsterdam

26 01 2015


Amsterdam, friends and two kids who enjoy playing together.

A quick snapshot of the last weekend, spent at Memi’s house (

Another post soon on my coming back!



Hidden Brussels

19 09 2013


Look who’s there!
(Courtesy of Mammachepaura)

Because it’s cold…

18 09 2013


… I wanna think about a warm coloured greenhouse!

“The Bush” Project

17 09 2013

I loved this video and wanted to share…

My 18-month old son would never go under the spurts that way.

By the way Diego is a friend and if you are in Rome on next October, maybe this ( is worth a visit.

Corner shop

15 09 2013


On the square where the flea market takes place every Sunday.

Home made pasta

14 09 2013


Thank you! It was wonderful…

Movies at home

13 09 2013

Let’s celebrate!
I’ve been posting each day for more than a month now… most of the times just a picture, but believe me when I say it is a great achievement!

Today I was reading an online article about “Dallas Buyers Club” whose trailer is linked to this post and I immediately decided that I wanted to watch it.
And then another idea popped up: I love films and movies (, but I don’t really have knowledge.

And then I have a wife… (

Here is the idea: beside all the TV series that we (my better half and I) love watching together, I would like to commit at least one night per week to watch a movie… not any movie, but a good one.
We can start from this list
Or we can rent the latest blockbusters.

I still have to share my idea, but I am confident…

Of course our friends are more than welcome to join us whenever they want: I will post the announcement and then my comments.

“That’s all Folks!”