Movies at home

13 09 2013

Let’s celebrate!
I’ve been posting each day for more than a month now… most of the times just a picture, but believe me when I say it is a great achievement!

Today I was reading an online article about “Dallas Buyers Club” whose trailer is linked to this post and I immediately decided that I wanted to watch it.
And then another idea popped up: I love films and movies (, but I don’t really have knowledge.

And then I have a wife… (

Here is the idea: beside all the TV series that we (my better half and I) love watching together, I would like to commit at least one night per week to watch a movie… not any movie, but a good one.
We can start from this list
Or we can rent the latest blockbusters.

I still have to share my idea, but I am confident…

Of course our friends are more than welcome to join us whenever they want: I will post the announcement and then my comments.

“That’s all Folks!”



12 09 2013


This summer we went to Isola del Giglio just for two days.
Hard to believe, we didn’t go to see the Concordia wreck, but there it was, right in front of our hotel.

It is an open wound, a nightmare and a vivid reminder of that night that carried away more than 30 lives, but hopefully it soon will be no more.

Court trials, articles and comments have said more than what I can express here, but what I want to do is to focus on the next five days.
Hundreds of people have been working to heal that wound and on next Monday their 500 days of efforts will be concentrated in the last few actions.

Something unprecedented happened on January 13th, 2012 (mainly because of human stupidity) and something unprecedented is going to happen next week.

To have some additional info, I found this website really interesting:

Here below some other photos from that weekend in a wonderful island!

2013-07-21 21.06.36

2013-07-21 21.06.56

2013-07-22 14.13.51

2013-07-22 16.54.40

A nice restaurant

11 09 2013


After a walk downtown we decided to have dinner here…


10 09 2013


Nice places where to have lunch!

La plus petite maison de Bruxelles

9 09 2013


The smallest house in Brussels


8 09 2013


Today was the last day of the Brussels beer weekend… and we really enjoyed it with two good friends!

Hidden corner

7 09 2013


When it’s least expected!